Thursday, August 5, 2010

Syncing the iPads
We need some tips for syncing our 3 iPads (2 from the pilot and 1 of our own) to our school iTunes account on the one computer. It is probably something very simple but the computer seems not to be reading/registering the iPads when they are plugged in the way it does with our school iPod. We want to transfer the apps we have purchased on one iPad to the other two???

We have been using the "puppet pals" application and a word game called "scramble". The children have been using these to assist us in literacy time. We have found the aps have been beneficial to chn learning and has given chn a newfound interest and enthusiasm for learning. The children have been writing scripts using a variety of characters using "puppet pals" and they have enjoyed writing expositions in the form of debates and using these characters to present their debate.

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  1. There should be no problem syncing the 3 ipads with a single itunes account as long as the same itunes account and credentials are used.
    Hint: It is best to purchase apps via iTunes and sync to ipads. While it is possible to purchase app via the ipad it gets very confusing.

    Tip: Using a powered USB hub you can sync multiple iPads at same time. Plug ipads into powered hub. Then connect hub to computer with master itunes account. You will see the number of iPads you have plugged into the hub appear at the left with there names. Click on first one and sync. Same for others. Have a coffee and all done!!

    Hope this helps

    Gary B