Monday, September 21, 2015

Ilearn at St Joseph's

This term Ilearn continues to be an exciting project at St Joseph’s Schofields. Ipads continue to enhance the learning in a variety of ways within Stage 3, supporting students (and teachers!) as they communicate, collaborate, create and become more critical thinkers. 

During this term, the students have particularly loved the opportunity to utilise the ipads within engaging investigations during Mathematics. Whilst the teachers have been able to deepen the learning thanks to enriching professional learning and mentoring support from the Ilearn team.

This term in Mathematics, the teaching team planned and implemented investigations in Time and Volume and Capacity.

The Time investigation gave students the opportunity to use a range of ipad features and apps as they explored 24-hour time, duration, timezones and much more.

The Volume and Capacity investigation required students to contribute to mathematical conversations within Google slides and docs as they investigated buildings and then created their own. As students created their own towers, they recorded and shared their thinking as they developed an understanding of cubic centimetres and metres.