Friday, April 11, 2014

iLearn at St Michael's Blacktown South

Learning activities at St Michael's using the iPad.

During our professional learning and teaching with iPad day, teachers learnt about SAMR model and TPCK.


During our religion lessons students used 
their iPads to look at the story of Moses in Exodus. From this, students have used the pages or notes app to create a story map. Even though this is the enhancement level of the SAMR Model student engagement is high in reading. 

Students used book creator to sequence the events of Holy Week.

1. Students typed the sequence of events of Holy Week in book creator.
2. They then searched for photos on the internet and saved them to camera roll. 
3. They then created an ebook using the photos and recording their voice by reading the text. 
4. Students saved their presentations in iBook.
5. Students shared their presentations by air drop via Apple T.V.


In our integrated unit students have been learning about their rights and responsibilities to the environment. For their assessment of learning, students had to design an advertising campaign showing how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in their community. Students used their iPads to research and create their project.

In maths the learning intention for volume was "To estimate, design and work out the volume of my three-dimensional building using linking cubes." The task was to "design, draw and describe a building using 24 linking cubes. Make and compare someone else's building with my own." One of the success criteria was to "draw the side and top view of my building". 

Students used their iPads to take a photo of a side and top view of a building that they constructed using 24 linking cubes.  This assisted them in drawing their building.

As we are a 4 stream school some challenges that we faced include getting students fully set up with their Apple ID and uploading apps. But the challenges are minor compared to the rich learning that students have undertaken.