Tuesday, March 18, 2014

iLearn Professional Learning Day

Today Year 4 teachers, principals and other relevant teachers from the 8 schools in the iLearn project came together to start their professional learning journey to support the 1 to 1 iPad learning in their schools. 

The learning intentions for the day were: 
  • understand how the iPad can be utilised as a contemporary 21st Century learning tool
  • apply the TPACK and SAMR pedagogical frameworks when designing learning experiences with the iPad
  • read & reflect on using the iPad to support learning in the Literacy Block 
  • compose a multimodal digital text using a set of authoring apps
  • identify practical classroom considerations when students are composing digitally eg links to English Syllabus; workflows for composing, sharing & saving student work 
  • learn how to comment on a blog post to share your learning 
  • compose a multimodal digital text using a set of authoring apps 
Participants utilised the knowledge around contemporary learning, pedagogy and iPad workflows to create various responses and texts during the day using their iPad.


Learning & Teaching with iPads

Once there lived a hard working teacher.
She was busy ALL day,
from sun up to sun down.

She prepared lessons.
All teachers prepare lessons.

She attended professional development.
All teachers attend professional development.

She drove learning for the 21st century.
All teachers drive learning for the 21st century.

She used iPads for literacy and numeracy learning.
All teachers use iPads for literacy and numeracy learning.

She made creative links between learning, teaching and technology.
All teachers make creative links between learning, teaching and technology.

She collaborated to make learning fun and meaningful.
All teachers collaborate to make learning fun and meaningful.

But, each night,
when bedtime drew near,
she thanked God
for all the wonderful opportunities
she had to work with children,
teaching them a LOVE OF LEARNING.

iLearn professional learning day

Our school will be rolling out the apple i-pads soon.  Today we learnt a lot more about the i-pads by working with a partner, to learn many skills.  We were then able to tick off what we had just been taught.  We experimented with some of the apps and were able to create a 'gami' using 'Tellagami'.  My colleague and I worked with 'Feltz Lite' and took photos, so that we could put them into the app called 'Book Creator'.

P. Cassar
St Michael's Blacktown South

iLearn program

I am really looking forward to using some of the great things that I have learnt today with my children. They are really excited about using an iPad  and I think that all children will benefit. We are very lucky to be given this opportunity

Sunday, March 16, 2014

iLearn Anywhere - 500 iPads deployed to Yr 4 students in 8 schools

This year is the start of an exciting new iPad project in the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP).

Called the The ‘iLearn Anywhere’ Project, we are planning to:
  • identify ways of enhancing student learning outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy when using iPads as a digital learning tool in English, Mathematics and other key learning areas.
  • inform future best practice in teaching and learning in technology rich environments in primary classrooms
  • explore the potential value of extending digital learning to the home environment.

Targeted participating group
As part of this project, CEDP is providing iPad Airs to (500) students in Year 4 of eight selected primary schools. They will each have access to the iPad Air for their personal educational use at school and at home to support their learning.  The project will continue over 3 years from Year 4 (2014) and right through to Year 5 (2015) and Year 6 (2016).

The project will provide:
  • A grade set of iPads for each participating school. These will include protective cases and a base selection of Apps
  • Professional learning support and resources for teachers to assist them to successfully incorporate the use of the iPad into classroom learning and teaching. Professional Learning opportunities will include face to face professional learning as well as in- classroom support and online courses. Teachers will also form in a Professional Learning Community where they will share knowledge and experiences with one another with inter-school visits and also through their contributions to this Blog.
  • A selected set of educational Apps, for all students and their teachers, deployed to the iPad. The apps selected are generally content free and focus on allowing students to compose rather than simply consume content.
  • Opportunities for parents to be engaged with their child’s learning. Parents will be fully informed of the details of the program and how they can support their child in using the iPad appropriately at home.
  • The project will also engage with participating students their teachers and parents in gathering research evidence to evaluate the effectiveness of the 1-1 ipad use in Stage 2 classrooms.
Current status of the project
  • An iLearn Anywhere Briefing has been held for all school leaders and Year 4 teachers
  • Site visits have been made to participating schools by CEDP staff to brief schools, scan the environment and discuss potential challenges.
  • iPads have been deployed to the schools
  • All Schools have developed iPad user agreements and assessed their current cyberwise policies as well as assessing their technology infrastructure and learning environment readiness.
  • Parent information nights have been held by schools to inform parents of their involvement
  • An ‘iLearn anywhere’ website has been developed to provide resources.
  • The first professional learning day will be held next week on Tuesday 18 March.
This blog will provide regular updates of the project as they happen.  Schools will also post updates here.

See the slides from the iLearn Anywhere briefing below: