Friday, July 30, 2010

Tried Projecting Your iPad?

Are you one of us who has tried to hook your iPad up to a data projector? Without success? Don't bother going into the settings in your iPad - the solution isn't hidden there.
The issue appears to be that data projectors need a certain resolution for them to project from any device. Ipad apps apparently can work on different varying resolutions. That's my simplified way of explaining something that really has more complexity to it!

What I found out with the help of Gary and Lisa is that only certain apps can be 'projected'. Keynote can - but only in 'slide-play' mode (look for the play button, top right hand corner).
To project web stuff you can't just use Safari. You have to download the 'idemoweb' app and use that as your browser. Of course, you'll need to buy a vga connector - $30 or so from JBhifi.

We have several interactive whiteboards throughout the school so being able to use the ipad apps with the interactive facilities of the boards would open a whole new set of possibilities. If anyone has success doing that, please share.

Steve Dowd
St. Matthew's, Windsor

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

iPad's at OLOL Seven Hills

At OLOL Seven Hills the Stage 3 children have been enjoying learning through exploration and discovery with the iPad's in the classroom. We have been using the iPad's in Maths, Menu Board Groups and Integrated lessons.

In Maths lessons, the students take turns completing mentals for 10 minutes using the following apps: - Times Tables - Math Board - Pizza Math - Let's do Math! and - Math Ninja.

In Menu Board the children are able to use the iPad to play spelling games or read books. We have used the following apps: - Hangman - Word Search -Toy Story -Alice in Wonderland -Jack and the Beanstalk -The 3 little Pigs - Word Dropping and -Puppet Pals.

Our Integrated Unit this term is on Antarctica. We have downloaded 4 different apps labelled, "Antarctica" which all have great links and valuable information on different animals, explorers and Antarctica itself.

So far we are enjoying using the iPads and find they are a valuable motivational tool!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Apps from St Joseph's, Kingswood

I purchased an iPad just before the holidays and have been playing with it ever since.

I have found the following programs very useful:
  • Let's Do Math! - suitable for lots of age groups where the concept of 3+1+ 3 or 5-3+2-1+2 is understood. There are multiple levels, a time limit for the users plus positive comments along the way. When you make a mistake, it says things like "Uh uh" and "Oh, time's up" It is a race against the clock so you need to think quickly.
  • ABC Blocks on the Farm - suitable for infants/lower primary children. Is a spelling activity where the blocks that display the letters need to be placed on top of each other. It is not left to right spelling activity as would be the normal convention but top to bottom.
  • Google Earth - just like the desktop application - but you need to be on a www connection. Suitable for any student needing access to the software.
  • Amazing Facts - Multiple categories with facts written on pieces of paper the shape of a head. An example of a fact is "In Australia, 225 of adults will never have children." (Note- sources are not given.) Suited to any age where the text can be read.
  • Animal Eyes - Fun - Flickr photos that focus on the eyes of different animals - from snails and frogs to elephants and crocodiles. Could be used with infant students.
  • Trip View - Rail, Bus and Ferry Maps. Fantastic app. Multiple uses.
  • Mini Piano - could be used in any class. Only has 8 notes but very clear. Would be great on an IWB or large screen to teach notes on a piano.
  • Puppet Pals - from Kinder to the grave! A must have. Fantastic application for those wanting students to write and perform a play using the characters provided. Additional characters can be purchased but it is worth it.
  • Sticky Notes - All ages - Just like the sticky notes on a MAC. You are able to take notes on "Post-it" style notes.
  • Jumbo Calculator - Great for those learning to use a calculator. Would be fantastic on an IWB or large screen.

St Agnes-iFile

Hello all,

Just sharing that St Agnes has located and already have started to use a very good App called iFile. With iFile you can upload files from your computer to your ipad via a wifi connection. You upload your files to a specific IP address and once you run your app on your ipad the files are downloaded onto your device. It also works when sending files from the ipad to the specific IP address.

This kind of app is very useful when transferring files from the ipad to multiple computers without using itunes and a cable.

We are also wondering if any school has been successful in connecting their devices via Bluetooth?

We have attempted to connect our ipads to each other and to other devices but on all occasions the ipad has failed to locate the other devices. This is still the case when using a Bluetooth file transfer app.

iPad pilot program first workshop

The first workshop for the iPad pilot program was held on Tuesday 23rd July. The workshop covered:
  • Introduction to the iPad
  • Navigation of the iPad features
  • Downloading Apps
  • Syncing iPads in the school
  • Ebooks and reading with iPads
  • Special needs uses
  • Marco Torres showcasing use of Apps in Education.

Friday, July 16, 2010

iPad pilot program

Introductory workshop for pilot participants

Date: Week 1 Term 3 - Tuesday 20th July
Time: 2:00 - 5:30 pm
Venue: Learning Studio, Aengus Kavanagh Centre, Mt Druitt

iPads will be distributed at the workshop.