Wednesday, July 28, 2010

iPad's at OLOL Seven Hills

At OLOL Seven Hills the Stage 3 children have been enjoying learning through exploration and discovery with the iPad's in the classroom. We have been using the iPad's in Maths, Menu Board Groups and Integrated lessons.

In Maths lessons, the students take turns completing mentals for 10 minutes using the following apps: - Times Tables - Math Board - Pizza Math - Let's do Math! and - Math Ninja.

In Menu Board the children are able to use the iPad to play spelling games or read books. We have used the following apps: - Hangman - Word Search -Toy Story -Alice in Wonderland -Jack and the Beanstalk -The 3 little Pigs - Word Dropping and -Puppet Pals.

Our Integrated Unit this term is on Antarctica. We have downloaded 4 different apps labelled, "Antarctica" which all have great links and valuable information on different animals, explorers and Antarctica itself.

So far we are enjoying using the iPads and find they are a valuable motivational tool!


  1. Thanks Clare. Will search for the apps you have used.
    Lynne @ StJosephs

  2. Hahaha... this is the second time this week I have come across OLOL when googleing soming related to IT.

    First is was a pdf about suggested activies for the beebot which stated at the bottom "Courtesy of the staff at OLOL Seven HIlls" and now this. Looks like you guys are still leading the way with technology!!!!