Friday, July 30, 2010

Tried Projecting Your iPad?

Are you one of us who has tried to hook your iPad up to a data projector? Without success? Don't bother going into the settings in your iPad - the solution isn't hidden there.
The issue appears to be that data projectors need a certain resolution for them to project from any device. Ipad apps apparently can work on different varying resolutions. That's my simplified way of explaining something that really has more complexity to it!

What I found out with the help of Gary and Lisa is that only certain apps can be 'projected'. Keynote can - but only in 'slide-play' mode (look for the play button, top right hand corner).
To project web stuff you can't just use Safari. You have to download the 'idemoweb' app and use that as your browser. Of course, you'll need to buy a vga connector - $30 or so from JBhifi.

We have several interactive whiteboards throughout the school so being able to use the ipad apps with the interactive facilities of the boards would open a whole new set of possibilities. If anyone has success doing that, please share.

Steve Dowd
St. Matthew's, Windsor


  1. I had the same issue. Wanted to project on the IWB with no luck. It would be a real selling point if it was available for all apps.
    Lynne Shields
    St Josephs Kingswood

  2. Steve and all,
    It is one of the limitations of teh iPad currently however more and more app developers are adding VGA out.
    This is one of the dilemmas we face when using an 'i' device in a shared environment. I use 2Screens

    It allows projection of range of different document types.

  3. Thanks Steve for your post. Several of us spent quite some time trying to connect to the data projector with the VGA cable. Will follow your advice and see how we go. It does seem that Apple need to find a way to make the iPad more IWB friendly.
    Bethany Catholic Primary

  4. Indeed need to be able to wirelessly connect to a wired networked data projector, so that the teaching and learning facilitation isn't tethered to the front of a room!
    Look forward to that :)

  5. I looked and didn't find the "idemoweb" app. A different spelling?

  6. It looks like idemoweb is no longer available from the App store. Found a reference to this at this website:

    web2vga app does the same thing as idemoweb did. Hope this helps.