Friday, July 20, 2018

iCreate with the iPad - professional learning for teachers to support rich learning opportunities

The last two school holidays have seen teachers getting creative with the iPad learning about the various new features and Apps on the iPad that can enhance student understanding of their learning.  Workshops were held at the Aengus Kavanagh Education and Equity Centre at Mt Druitt and covered creative workflows:
Workshop 1 - April 2018
Learning reflections using: Camera, Photo editing, Video capture, iMovie and Garage Band
Workshop 2: July 2018
Publishing and communicating linked to the Geography Syllabus: Camera, Photo editing, Video capture, field sketching using Sketches for Schools, creating easy movies with Clips, exploring Keynote as a journal and its features for infographics.

Feedback has been very positive:
"session has stimulated my thinking about how I can use these tools in my work with both students and teachers. For teachers, I think ongoing professional development is vital to be able to create the opportunities and environment that facilitates rich and meaningful learning experiences for their students"
"powerful tools for students to be able to demonstrate their creativity and knowledge. "Today was a great starting point, a beginning, to keep learning and exploring more. Tools such as iMovie, that enable a 'story' to be expressed, provide students with experience in many different types of literacies that I think are essential for students to develop."
  • Excellent engagement for all participants! 
  • Absolutely loved the practicality of the course! 
  • Very appropriate and plenty of support 
  • I am not as nervous about exploring both apps and running workshops with the students in my class. 
  • Practical and able to apply to the school context.
  • Using visual and audio with students with learning difficulties is a big plus!
  • Make sure that I as the educator keep up with all professional development offered.
  • Geographical skills can be fostered through apps
  • Use multiple apps to get the end result (App Smashing)
  • Tie technology into learning as much as possible