Friday, August 27, 2010

At Delany we have been using the Music Apps. So far the students have been really engaged and excited to work with them.

We have started using the following music Apps:

IAm Symphony: This has really nice musical sounds where you can move instruments around the music and here different parts of the orchestra. You can add in Timpani when you want. You can create new sections. In terms of educational value it helps you to hear the Symphony and it's music and arrange it at a very basic level.

Glee App the students really liked this app, but in some ways its like a glorified karaoke machine. It records your singing with the Glee choir and you are the lead vocalist. There's many different variations and songs you can download to add to it. It records you while you sing and the saves it for you to listen to (and improve on). Then you can send it off around the world and people rate it! It corrects your pitch and is very much like guitar hero as the notes come through and you can see the pitch levels of high, medium and low. It has a clear sound and you can choose if you have backing singers. The words come up and are highlighted. The app works well and depends what your looking for in a singing app. (It also has a tutorial to show you how to use it)

We have also used Orchestra II which is a beautiful app and interactively shows the student the lay out of the orchestra, it gives a detailed history and fact sheet (beautifully presented) on each instrument as well as plays the instrument for you. You can here each section play, to learn the unique tone of each instrument and family. However despite it being great for learning about the instruments and their sounds there is nothing further to this app like tests or educational games. So once you have read about each instrument and listened to it there is nothing more to do. It does have some really beautiful music on it.

More to come!

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