Tuesday, August 17, 2010

St Agnes ipad Update

So far the ipad has been successfully used to support the integrated learning of students and staff at St Agnes. Students within a number of KLAs have used the ipad to assist them during classroom activities. For example, some students have used the ipad Chalkboard app during their math classes to expand on the mathematical formulas provided by their teacher. The students were then able to share their working out and final answer with their work buddies.

In Design and Technology Year 7 students have used the ipad (mainly the iFile application) to actively investigate and create their own Digital Media. Students have used the voice recording function of the iFile app to record each other singing their favourite songs. Their saved sound files were then able to be downloaded via a specific IP address to be used with their video editing work. This ease of wireless file exchange assists the teacher in providing instructions, examples and work to multiple recipients at the same time.

Students have also used the various ipad Reader apps during our silent reading program. The students that have used the ipad during this time have all said they found it easy to read from the screen and the added animation and sounds encouraged them to read on.

We are still having trouble with connecting our ipads to each other and to other devices via Bluetooth. This is still the case when using a Bluetooth file transfer app. Does anybody have any ideas?

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