Tuesday, August 10, 2010

St Finbar's Primary Glenbrook

Hi everyone,

We have been working with the ipads in literacy blocks. We synched them no problems. I will post some photos and video over the next few weeks. We use them with small groups and all of the grade 3-4 students have used them. They are an absolute pleasure Ito work with.
The main apps used so far have been the full version of Alice, Aesops Fables,
Beatrix Potter collection, and puppet pals.

While they are excellent for reading and engaging children with puzzles and games, our focus for the next fortnight will be using the iPad as a creative device. I want to see if we can record music for our class videos, use them to write scripts and create power points.

We have a class tv station oztv and we want to use them in production of our tv station. Check it out at...



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