Sunday, August 22, 2010

Marian College

At Marian College the past few weeks have been absorbed with migration to the new Windows Environment. So we are really looking forward to the next weeks with the iPads in our Year 8 English classes. We ran a session for staff on Thursday morning so they could get some hands on experience with the iPads and the response was extremely positive. Many thought they were just a large iPhone so were very pleasantly surprised to see their flexibility.

We have downloaded a number of great apps for teachers to use, one in particular MissSpell has been very popular and also Rory's Story Cube. For the staff PD we tried to connect to the data projector with no success, will try again this week, but if anyone has been successful please let us know.

We love the fact that they are so quick to connect and the battery life is so long. Looking forward to using them as an eReader and podcast creator. Disappointing that iBooks only has older out of copyright books to download, as we would have liked to have a library of Young Adult titles to purchase. Can you imagine the Cherbub Series books by Robert Muchamore on the iPad? Great way to get Year 8 switched on to reading again. Hope this is rectified in the near future.

Joan and Jody

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