Thursday, August 19, 2010

St Finbar's Primary Glenbrook - Visit from Sydney Morning Herald

Hi Everyone,

Just one hour ago, we had a visit from Sydney Morning Herald Photographer, Nick Moir who took some pictures of us using the ipads for an education article on their use in schools. Beforehand, Nick spoke to the children about his job as a photographer and the students had many insightful questions about his job. Co-incidently, we have Herald subscriptions on the ipads and the children were scanning the Herald. While we were looking at them, one of Nick's photos came up! I will post the story and his pictures once it is published.

I explained to the journalist how we use media for our shared reading. Twice a week I have been sharing an interesting child centered article and the children absolutely love the stories and photographs. The SMH apps are free but I can access the papers via a very good teacher subscription discount.

I have attached some photos and the students used the opportunity today to write about the ipads.

"The ipad is good for my learning because it's awesome. It is like a computer without using a keyboard or mouse. There are cool apps like toy story and alice in wonderland. I like how some of the things move and how you can record your voice. It is like an electric book which you can slide the page". - Phoebe Yr 3

"It is fun and encourages you to do better. It is better than a computer in a way!" - Madeline Yr 3

"We can read, play games, create music and play Maths games." - Cameron Yr 4

"The ipad is great because it has many educational apps. I love learning on the ipad because it is enjoyable and fun" - Isabel Yr 4

"You can download Mathletics and other fun apps" - Katie Yr 4

"You can learn in different ways." - Annaliese Yr 3

"I like puppet pals because we can record voices. Thankyou Mr Brown for the opportunity" - Gabrielle - Year 3

"Everyday Stage 2 is wishing, wanting and hoping that it will be their day to use the ipads," - Emily - Year 3

"It is a good gadget" - Anaru Yr 3

"The ipad has many games like hangman and puppet pals. I like the stories!" - Nathan

"The stories are different because if you don't know a word they can read it to you!" - Olivia Yr 4

"I feel very lucky but want other students not as fortunate as us to use them". - Emma Yr4

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  1. Hi Tim
    Thanks for sharing your SMH visit. Great seeing the comments from the kids on their use of the iPad and the benefits in shared reading. Regards