Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog from Delany!

We have started to use the Ipads at Delany. We are using the trial in the Music department. At first we had difficulty with one of the Ipads and it wouldn't sink to the Mac that we had downloaded the new apps to, so we had to re-install the original settings and then re-sync the apps, if this happens to you go into itunes and restore original settings.

Students who are working well in class get the first go on the Ipad. They have been working on a variety of musical apps.

So far they are really excited and are very focused on their class work so they can have a turn. The plan is to have 2-3 students on each Ipad and they explore one music app that I have downloaded for a number of lessons, to see if they can learn something of value in the areas of composing, performing or aural. Then students will go to the App Store and choose a musical app that they are interested and I will download it for them.

Music Apps tried so far:

Smule magic piano, like it, but I see no musical education value to this app.

Nota is excellent for music notation testing and has a quiz and marks students.

Note Goal is similar also recommended for testing music notation reading.

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