Monday, August 23, 2010

Meeting Different Learning Styles

We've had the ipads for six weeks now and the majority of our kindergartens have had an opportunity to use them in some way. We know from observations, that the majority of our boys tend to be less interested in the more structured reading and writing parts of our day. So too, are our students who for whatever reason, have just not 'clicked' yet with the whole reading/ writing concept. Being conscious of these students, we are aware that a slower improvement rate in literacy can lead to lower self esteem and so cycle begins.
Kinesthetic learners are able to physically hold and change the orientation of the ipad, interact with parts of the screen and use their hands to manipulate objects and characters.
The visual learner is presented with vibrant coloured pictures, signs and symbols. These images provide visual stimulation and assist in recalling facts and concepts for visual learners. Visual discrimination skills are improved when games included visual cues rather than text on its own.
The auditory learner not only discusses the activity but also learns from others responses. The use of music and speech enhances their experience and assists auditory learners in recalling information.
With the availability of the ipads we have been able to ensure we are maintaining an interest in learning regardless of the childs preferred learning style. As a result, the learning becomes more personalised and meaningful.

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