Friday, August 27, 2010

iPads in Year 6 : Girraween

We have been using the iPads in our Year 6 classroom. The students were very excited at the prospect of using iPads in our day-to-day learning. Our aim with the iPad was to use them for as many hours in the school day as we could. We have found the iPads beneficial in English groups and Maths groups. I have downloaded many applications for the students to use. I have noticed that new apps are added each day so regularly checking the app store has been beneficial.

The iPad has been great for our English as a second language learners who find the work in Year 6 challenging. We have used Balloon Pop challenge to revise odd and even numbers, multiplication and division. They have also revised times tables through various apps. In the last week, Story Builder has been good for those who struggle with communicating their ideas. They record their story of the picture and listen to themselves afterwards.

For our more able students we have been using an app to show percentages.

We have also used the iPads for surfing the net for information to complete the tasks we have been working on in the classroom. The students have found that the iPads take up less room on their desks and are quicker to use if they are looking up words or information to complete an activity in their workbooks.

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