Friday, May 23, 2014

Term One in review - Sacred Heart Westmead

Year Four were all excited about receiving their new iPads.

Term One was an exciting time for Year 4 students at Sacred Heart Primary, Westmead.  They could not believe that they were the lucky class who were chosen to work with iPads.  The parents were also excited and supported their child by completing the relevant documentation and uploads at home.  There were some challenges with getting apps on iPads on but with the great technical support it was achieved with minimum fuss.   

We have been using several of the iPad apps in Term One.  The children were enthusiastic and creative in all of the their tasks.  These included using Educreations and Geoboard apps for their 2 and 3 D shape work.  They also used the iMovie app to create book trailers using picture books borrowed from the library.  

One the Year 4 students reflected on her experience with the school iPad in Term One. 

When I was told we were getting iPads I was so happy and surprised because we were the only class getting them, and we could use them for three years all the way to Year 6.  Once we got the iPads we had to learn how to use them.  We had to learn how to use Pages, Educreations, iMovie and many more apps.  I found that Pages was hard to use on the iPad because you couldn't fix a word that you knew the spelling was right, whereas on computers you could change it.  The hardest part was to download the apps, it took so long!  On the iPad, we also went on Safari and searched for information about Space and Councils.  The one thing that is very important is that iPads can never replace a teacher.

We are continuing to use these apps in Term Two, and will also be exploring GarageBand with iMovie to complete Space activities in Science and Technology.  


  1. YAY Sacred Heart! Glad to hear your honest account of the joys and challenges of getting started in your 1-1 iPad deployment. It was also great to have some "student voice" on our blog.

  2. The learning buzz in Year 4 has generated engagement throughout the school. The students are leading the learning with the other students. Great energy,focused learning.