Sunday, May 18, 2014

Reflecting on our iLearn journey so far

"People don't learn from experience; they learn from reflecting on their experience" 

I recently came across this quote by Thiagi and it seemed so appropriate. He further suggests that in sharing our reflections with others there is the potential for us to relate new experiences to the real world, discover useful insights and share them with each other. 

Professional Learning
A review of the research to date also suggests that the single most important factor in successful integration of the iPad is the teacher and the teaching and learning opportunities they provide for students. 

The studies all point to the importance of Teacher Professional Learning as a critical factor in supporting teachers to provide student learning. Our first iLearn PL Day was attended by 40 participants, including Principals, APs, and classroom teachers  from the 8 project schools. In the video below, participants reflected really deeply on their learning experiences and also on the implications for  their own classroom contexts. 

If you missed our iLearn Literacy Professional Learning Day can request enrolment  in our iTunesU Course "iLearn 2014: READY SET GO with 1-1 iPads" using  the following enrolment code in your iTunesU app on your  iPad.

We are busy planning our next Professional Learning Day which will have a focus on Numeracy.  On that day I plan to trial some of Thiagi's 6 Questions for Reflection during a group debriefing session. 

In the meantime I have been collecting lots of interesting resources which educators interested in Learning with iPads have generously shared. It includes links to research articles, classroom ideas, tips and tutorials. Check out  my iLearn Pinterest Board

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  1. Your iLearn Pinterest board has some great pins Nicole. I particularly like the twitter pin - What do you want kids to do with technology.