Friday, May 2, 2014

Integrating the iPad into Reading Group Activities

St Bernadette's have made many changes to our English program in relation to our Reading Group Activities. The students were taught how to use a variety of applications that directly link to their Reading Group focus book or their Shared Reading book.

In order for the students to remain focused during the activities, students are always given a specific learning intention and success criteria task card. These task cards have been developed to be used in relation to a variety of stories and are continually developing according to the needs of the students. Here are some examples of the task cards:


One of our activities that we introduced to the students was to create a book trailer using the app iMovie (something we all learnt during our iLearn Professional Learning Day). The students were highly engaged and their skills using the application are only growing! It is amazing to see their skills develop overtime! Who knows where this will lead us!

We would love to upload some of their finished products when the students have finalised their iMovie's.

St Bernadette's Primary School signing off!


  1. Congratulations Tanya and the Year 3/4 team at St Bernadette's on sharing your classroom learning experiences so far. It is obvious the students are developing their skills in using a range of apps for digital storytelling & other literacy learning tasks. The Task cards, complete with learning intentions and success criteria, will really help students work independently during Literacy Block. It was a great idea to share them, I'm sure other teachers will love this idea.

  2. I really like the use of the posters, it's a good reference point of students and I'm sure saves having students ask what to do.