Thursday, May 1, 2014

iPad Exploration at OLA

iPad Exploration at OLA

What a busy few weeks we have had learning with our iPads last term at OLA. We had time exploring several of the apps and working collaboratively with our peers on various tasks related to our topics.

One of the activities we loved was watching a YouTube clip based on the book Tuesday by David Wiesner. We had a look at the book before we viewed the video clip. 

Once we finished, we created a document in Google Drive and shared it with our buddy so we could collaboratively work on the document. For most of us, we had never done this before. We experienced some challenges with the task but we learnt a lot from the experience and look forward to using this new learning tool again.

Here are some of the stories we created to go with the beautiful illustrations in the book Tuesday by David Wiesner. 


In our final week of Term 1, as part of our Religion unit, we explored the events of Holy Week. We spent time focusing on the scripture passages and what happened at each event. Part of our learning was to reflect on what happened and share our understanding. Some of us used an app called Strip Designer which allowed us to create a comic strip to retell the event of Holy Week or a specific event. Here are some of the wonderful work we created.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful worksamples Pina and Sam. I am especially excited about the work with "Tuesday" by David Wiesner. It is one of my favourite texts with a very engaging visual narrative. It was fun to read the students own versions of the story. I also love your use of the Comic app Strip Designer. Comic apps are very versatile and the comics and posters showing students responses in RE are very creative. Keep up the great work.