Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day

On Friday the 16th of May, Stage 2 at St Bernadette's Lalor Park were lucky enough to participate in the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day.

The students begun the day with an interactive lesson relating to the vegetables that the students were going to cook with throughout the day. These vegetables included: 




The students were given an outline of each of these vegetables and were asked to use their iPads to fill their vegetables with information about the vegetable. The students were so engaged in the task, and what a great way it was to learn about healthy food to eat!

Here are some of the images we took from the morning session of our Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day!

The students then enjoyed cooking Jamie's "Rainbow Wraps"! It was very messy, but good food always comes from a messy kitchen! 

St Bernadette's Primary School signing off!

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  1. Thanks Tanya and the Year 3/4 team. What an engaging day you have all had. Seems like it was really useful being in a 1-1 ipad classroom so that all students had ready access to their ipads to locate information for their waiting for a turn. Makes the learning organisation so much more streamlined doesn't it?