Wednesday, May 7, 2014


iLearn with iPad Air

We on our way with the iLearn Project...Hip, hip, Horray!
Calendars, Pages and Notes,
Keynote, notes and Tellagami of course!
Popplets, photos and iMovies too.
Excitement reigns in our classrooms!

We began our iLearn journals. 

Parents responded to students journals using iMovie or notes. 

The LEARNING INTENTION and SUCCESS CRITERIA have helped us stay focussed and engaged with tasks, while learning to use apps to enhance learning.

Learn to.....

          Learn about....

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  1. What a great post Celia and Cheryl. I am so pleased that you shared your anchor charts which you have co-constructed with your students over the past term. I particularly like the student journal entries & the inclusion of student questions.They really demonstrate the extent of engagement in learning that is evident in your shared learning space. By making the learning explicit you help the children develop metacognitively taking the learning to a new level. Well done.