Thursday, July 26, 2012

St Agnes iPad implementation

St Agnes Catholic High School are moving ahead with their 1 to 1 program for their Year 8 students.  St Agnes was involved in the trial of iPads during 2010 and since then have researched and consulted  extensively with a strategic process across staff, students and parents towards ensuring an effective implementation program.  This has included learning opportunites for staff and students as well as ongoing communication across the school community. The focus has been on the learning and how this device could assist in providing real mobile learning opportunities.

The school has a number of initiatives which we have posted here in previous posts.  As well they include regular information in their school newsletters about relevant Apps they are using.  This includes providing the frameworks they use to evaluate the learning potential of using the App.

For example a range of criteria has been used to evaluate the App 'The Catholic Game'.  Criteria considered includes thinking skills, feedback etc.

St Agnes has also kindly agreed to share their updated App List for year 8 students.  Each App was evaluated by the appropriate teacher, Coordinator and a selection of students.  Download from dropbox by clicking on the image below.
Staff from St Agnes are also currently working wiht  iBooks Author to see how it can be utilised by staff and students to create iBooks to assist in learning.

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