Saturday, July 14, 2012

Science in the iPad classroom

 In a blog post on Science topics Lisa Johnson from Techchef4U covers a lesson idea for Climate Change and also lists some great lesson ideas from Lisa Carnazzo on a range of topics including: The Water Cycle, Seasons, Weather etc.  (scroll further down the page on the post)

What about getting students to try colour experiments.  Color Uncovered App is an interactive book that  provides students with the opportunity to learn about colour and light.  Using the experiments, articles and videos from this App would be a good starting point to work with students. Free from the App store.

Explore the diversity of organisms that glow with the Creatures of the Light App. Learn about the reasons for their ability to glow.  Which group of organisms uses this ability of bioluminescence to signal to each other.  Created by the American Museum of Natural History this App goes in depth about the chemical reactions that create the extraordinary glows from a range of organisms.  Also supported with a great website. Free from the App store.

Want students to explore concepts around how the Universe began and how did life evolve on earth.  The University of Adelaide have a free Magazine App called e-Science written by researchers for teachers and students.  Topics include What is Life?, How does the Earth work?, etc.

Provide students with the opportunity to interact with and understand how spacecraft is used to explore our universe.  Spacecraft 3D is an augmented reality style app which allows students to see the engineering involved and how the spacecraft move.  Free from the App store

Use this App as a starting point for students in understanding what is needed for space exploration:
  • Use some Apps like Skitch to design their own spacecraft to explore the universe
  • Explain in Educreations the features of their design.  
  • Move to Sketchup (on a laptop) to make a 3d model of their design
  • Download 3D model into their own iBook they create about space exploration using iBooks author.
  • Publish their Space Exploration iBook and open in the iBooks App to share with other students and teachers.
  • Explore what iTunesU has to offer on a variety of science topics.  Get students to download some resources( iBooks, videos, podcasts) from iTunes U or even subscribe to a course.
An interesting lesson idea is one using evidence and science to analze and uncover answers to the mystery of  the Case of the Cheescake Thief.

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