Monday, November 7, 2011

Apps for Transition from School to Work

13 Students from 6 schools participated in a produce based learning work experience one day per week over 10 weeks at Aengus Kavanagh Education & Equity Centre Mount Druitt.

This enabled them to engage in a wide range
of tasks including merchandising, packaging of goods, customer service, money handling and an opportunity to use the latest technology and the latest apps from the Learning Exchange to enhance their employability skills.

Students can be seen using an ipad with an App - 'Jungle Time' that tests their ability to tell the time and tell elapsed time using a dial on the screen. This app provided students with different time telling scenarios which is a valuable time management skill and essential employability skill for students to successfully transition from school to work.

Jungle Time ($2.99) is a very interactive App where students can interact with the clock by physically moving the hands around the clock. As you move the clock hands, wherever you stop the App speaks the time to you to confirm the time you have set.

You can personalise your level of learning, learn via a range of activities and personalise the clock face. The same developer also has a Jungle Coins App that is very useful as it has an Australian currency option.

Other Apps useful for Transition skills are the series of Life Skills sampler, Work Skills sampler and Social Skills sampler. More information about the Apps was posted previously at: Personalising Social Skills Learning.

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  1. What a great learning tool to reinforce skills