Thursday, June 9, 2011

Personalising Social Skills learning

The Social Skills Sampler HD application is designed to teach and reinforce basic social skills critical for independent living . It provides easy-to-understand information that allows users to become more capable of functioning independently at work, at home, and in the community.
Social Skills Sampler HD is an excellent App that can be used as a teaching tool for the purpose of making associative connections (visual clues) through video stories showing what social skills are supposed to look like so that the person with a behavioural or autism spectrum disorder can learn (by visual association) and model (by imitation) these social skills in the context of real life social scenarios.

*Contains 80 videos (examples: Meeting and Greeting people, Be polite and courteous, join others in a group, follow directions etc.
*Password-protected administration section
*Using the admin function you can tailor the videos for each user based on individual needs
*Lock the device to a particular user for ease of use
This App is free.

To access the administrator account so that you can tailor the videos to each user you need the Administrator password. This is available from their support site.
Also available from this same company is Life Skills Sampler and Work Skills Sampler both free.

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