Monday, November 7, 2011

Involving parents with your schools iPad program

Many libraries and educational organisations across the world see the benefits of including your community in understanding how latest technology can enhance learning. A number of libraries have what they call a 'Digital Petting Zoo' where you can go and find out more about the technology, find out what it can do, how to use it and feel comfortable with the technology.

St Patrick's Primary Guildford felt it was important to have parents involvement and understanding about the use of iPads in learning at their school. So recently they organised an event where students at St Patricks got to show parents the opportunities for learning with an Ipad.

Parents were invited to the school hall for an iPad in-service. After a brief introduction about the value of iPads in the classroom parents were able to watch children from all grades using the iPads in a variety of ways. Children demonstrated maths, literacy, logical thinking and music apps to the parents and showed them that they do not just “play” with them but also transfer this into other activities.

The parents were also given the opportunity to use the iPads themselves to explore the apps displayed as well as other apps available. The aim was for parents to enjoy this learning experience and see the huge benefit that iPads have in the classroom.

St Patricks is also exploring the opportunities that using the iPads with Air Display and Apple TV may have to assist in enhancing learning and teaching.

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