Monday, May 23, 2011

Interactive Bible App

From the makers of the Glo Bible Software comes the Glo Bible App for iPhone or iPad.

Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the text of Scripture to life through HD videos, high-resolution images, articles, 360-degree virtual tours, and much more.

The app includes text of the Bible in a choice of King James Version or New International Version (British). Along with the text the app provides photographs of archaeological sites, reconstructions of places featured in the text, artwork, photographs and videos. As you read the text, you can access definitions of various terms, and images relevant to the text.

There is a free version Glo Lite and a paid version.

Upgrade to Glo Premium in-app for access to 3500+ media elements linked to the entire Bible for $50.

Learning Exchange has a CD-ROM PC version of this bible that can borrowed by emailing Learning Exchange to


  1. Has 'NRSV Bible for BibleReader by Olive Tree' improved since reviewed? What do you think about Bible+ from Olive Tree ? Verbum Catholic Bible Study? Any plans to update Bible app reviews? Trust expertise from Lisa & Bernie

  2. Hi Mary, thanks, it is time for a review of what is out there, so we will have a look at it.