Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creating your own iBooks

The iPad uses the free, open e-book standard, ePub format. Being an open source format, ePub books are already widely available on the net.

But you can also create your own electronic books in ePub format which can then be opened in the iBook app on the iPad

Using Pages on a Mac
You will need a Mac, the Pages software and your iPad.
Create and save your document in Pages.
Go to the Share menu select Export choosing the ePub format.
Documents exported to ePub format will look different than their Pages counterparts. If you want to get the best document fidelity between the Pages and ePub formats, style your Pages document with paragraph styles and other formatting attributes allowed in an ePub file. Documents created in page layout templates can’t be exported to the ePub format.
Currently the Pages iPad App does not have the option to export to ePub format. You need to use the Mac version.

Using a web service - ePub Bud
You can use a PC or a Mac and utilise the free webbased software.
Very easy to use, students can quickly create their ePub format book on their PC or Mac.
Once created and saved students can either save the ePub format book to iTunes for syncing to an iPad or they can use Safari on their iPad to access the ePub Bud site and download the book directly into iBooks that way.

Currently the ePub Bud website capability is not optimised for the iPad. So you do need to create the ePub book via the laptop first. ePub Bud are working on an iPad app for ePub Bud that will allow this capability.

Download my ePub Bud ebook from your iPad in to iBooks to see how easy it is. A very simple book with photos and text and a hyperlink to a website.

Sparky and Shadow Explore by Lisa Nash - download the free ebook now from ePub Bud!

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