Friday, May 20, 2011

Digital Storytelling with the iPad

Digital Storytelling with the iPad is a very useful website providing:
  • a listing of relevant apps, including Storykit, Storyrobe, Sonicpics, ideasketch and more
  • summary of the features of each app
  • Video tutorial of how to use the Apps
  • links to other resources to support Digital story telling
Teach with your iPad wiki also has a great resource page on Digital storytelling with the iPad. It includes other apps like Toontastic ($A4.99) which I highly recommend too for story creation.
This website also includes a description and some visuals from the App.

One App that is not in these lists but could possible also be a good addition to Digital Story telling is Comic Life ($A9.99). Only released early this month it does seem to have a few bugs as noted by some reviewers, so maybe try the cheaper Comicstrip ($1.19) or Toontastic first until Comic Life gets these issues fixed.

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