Monday, June 2, 2014

St Joseph's Primary School Kingswood

St Joseph's Primary School Kingswood          Term 2- Week 5

Parent Response: This recording is from a parent of a year 4 student. The students were asked to discuss the I-Learn Project with their parents and record their responses. Some learners wrote down what their parents said and some took a recording of their parents response. This response was taken 1 day after the learners received their i-pads. 


Student Work Samples: 

Here are some work samples from our year 4 students. 

This is poster about a shared book, used in English, created using the Pages App. 

This is an example of a page in a students Web Journal. The Web Journal has been created using the I-Photo App. Every student started a journal on the first day of school with their i-pads. The students write about different apps they have used and what they are learning by using the app.

This is another example of a page in a students Web Journal. Year 4 went on an excursion to the Apple Store. The people at the Apple Store were impressed with the knowledge the students already had, about the i-pads and various apps, due to the I-Learn program.

Photo's of Year 4 Learning with our I-Pads

We use Reflector and/or Apple TV to share the work we are doing on our i-pads. It is connected to the interactive whiteboard so we can see everything on the big screen. 

Children love sharing their work and teachers use this as valuable reflection time during lessons.  


  1. Great to hear the good things all schools are doing.

  2. Great to hear your students are so confidently using Airplay

  3. What a wonderful idea! Great work :)

  4. I love the idea of visiting the apple store. A great opportunity for the students to get familiar with available resources beyond the school.