Monday, June 2, 2014

Learning with iPads in 3/4 Grey - So far

Well, where do we start. The children in 3/4 grey have been having a marvelous time creating and presenting using ipads in the classroom. What a great motivational tool they are proving to be. 

We have thus far been using Explain Everything to make presentations to support the learning we are doing in our integrated unit about Australia. With a brief demonstration of the various tools on this app, I found the best way for the students to learn was to let them experiment and play with the variety of functions. Within ten minutes they were far better than me in using it. This app allows us to use text, pictures, videos and audio to make presentations.

Nicole has been visiting and helping us at Chisholm each Tuesday. She demonstrated the app Strip Design, which has been very useful in creating posters. We've been using these posters as representing books we have read, therefore making the children summarise the main points of the text the are reading.

The children have also been taking many pictures of their learning and keeping a record of what they have done.

I love the fact that the children can take photos of various things around the room. For instance their spelling lists, instructions for activities or even parts of books so they don't all have to fight for the book.

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  1. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the post Mark. You certainly have all been busy at Chisholm. I think your point about the students leading the way with learning will strike a cord with others. Curiosity, risk taking & creativity are important learning dispositions we need to encourage. We would also love to see some Chisholm student samples soon too ;)