Saturday, February 2, 2013

Writing and publishing with Creative Book Builder

Creative Book Builder (CBB) was one of the first Apps I worked with in schools to demonstrate how students and teachers could create and publish on their iPad. 
It has so many applications for students:
  • Project based learning or collaborative work
  • Writing, publishing and presenting
  • Summative assessment of a topic being studied 
  • Making written work accessible to students with diverse needs
See how one school district in Vermont is using CBB for collaborative writing in their Years 5-8, ePub collaborative writing.

Revisiting it for a workshop recently I was pleased to see that it has continued to be updated making it even more useful for schools.
Some of the features that you should know about:
  • Ability to embed pdfs, word documents and other files, including from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Incorporate tables, questions, audio, video, images, equations etc.

  •  Students can share their created iBook with fellow students or the teachers via a link or QR code (you need to be on the same Wifi network)
  • Ability to upload your completed iBook to DropBox, Google Drive, WebDav and more.

Creative Book Builder also has a blog that provides support and information on using the App including links to videos like this one from Finham Park School.

Appsinclass website have put together a great post about how CBB can be used to help students complete tasks that align with every level of the revised Bloom's Taxonomy.  See Using Creative Book Builder at Every Level of Blooms.

Creative Book Builder could be used by teachers to create books with audio, video for students with diverse learning needs.  Students have the additional benefit that once opened as an iBook they can access VoiceOver and any of the other accessibility features they need.  See Spectronics review of the App for this use.
This is one App I would recommend for all schools to have in their top 5 Apps.  It costs $A4.49.  But if primary schools have class sets and buy mroe than 20 with Volume purchasing this would reduce the price by half.

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