Monday, February 18, 2013

Share, interact and assess with NearPod

NearPod is a free App where teachers can deliver a lesson to the class direct to their iPads and interact with them in a synchronized way.

Teachers login to their account via the Nearpod App and select their lesson presentation.  Students access the presentation via a unique pin number generated from the teachers presentation.

The features of NearPod:
  • Access to an already established library of lessons from educators across the world
  • Ability to create your own lesson to upload to NearPod
  • Ability to include polls, questions for students to answer
  • Teachers direct the presentation screens that the students see
  • Students can feedback their understanding of the lesson via the App
  • Teachers can obtain a report of the student answers, feedback or interaction.
At the moment creation of lessons need to be done via the NearPod website.  With the free subscription teachers can upload maximum of 10 presentations and share with 30 students.
Teachers can easily use their existing powerpoints or keynotes to create their NearPod lesson.  They can insert polls and questions. 
A really great feature is the 'Draw it' option, where students can draw on a shared slide to visually explain a concept to their teacher.

Billie Rengo from Grantsburg Elementary School has put together a very useful step by step PDF of how to create your NearPod presentations from an existing Powerpoint or Keynote Presentation:  Creating a NearPod presentation from her post 'Take your Presentations to the next level with NearPod'.

Brian Miller from Pine Crest School discusses at Edudemic how NearPod is being utilized in their school :  How the NearPod App changed an entire school.

Teacher Matt Britland talks about how he uses NearPod in his classroom.  NearPod for iPad: revolutionise presentations and AFL in the classroom.

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