Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How do iPads alter instruction?

A Scottish school discusses the use of the iPad in their school. The school decided to give all students the device and teachers have integrated the technology into the curriculum and say students are more engaged in classroom lessons since they began using the iPad. Educators say the device has been especially beneficial in art, where students can use basic skills to create digital art with confidence. Specifically apps are being used in new and innovative ways in the classroom.

"The iPad is not a substitute for existing media, and it requires artistic skill to master, but in some ways it more effectively helps pupils develop confidence in their abilities and enthusiasm to try," asserts art teacher Jenny Oakley. She says a combination of immediacy, security (due to 'undo') and usability means pupils "do not have to overcome the hindrance of learning to manipulate another tool – rather, they use one they've developed dexterity in since birth".
With this newfound confidence, pupils are more willing to try, which Oakley says is "half the battle". The iPad also provides assistance regarding experimentation – pupils can use filters and effects to visualise how something would look in a different medium and then use real-world tools to mimic what they see on the screen

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