Thursday, December 16, 2010

Latest iPad in education news:

Rise of the iKids: Schools test iPads in classrooms
This article discusses how some California districts are using the iPads for student learning. Many consider the iPad to be a "game changer" and are launching programs to put them in students' hands. The article also talk with other educators who question the iPad's usefulness.

IPads replace textbooks in some Va. classrooms

4 school districts in Virginia are taking part in an experiment to replace textbooks with interactive lessons via the iPad.

10 Terrific iPhone and iPad Musical performances
An entire album to be realsed on the iPad and links to a collection of top 10 musical performance videos showing music created vai an iPhone or iPad.


  1. Here at North Carolina State University College of Education, we have iPADs for Student Checkout, looking at an iPAD cart purchase in January, and about a quarter of our faculty have iPADs. We really want our students to have a mobile experience. This is not to say the iPAD is a game changer, just what is available on the market at this time. I am curious how many textbooks are available in a digital format. The majority of our K-12 textbook collection that has electronic media has a html page with an image browser. Not very conducive to a mobile device.

  2. Hi Nathan, thanks for your comment. Textbooks are definitely an area that publishers need to look at for devices like the iPad. Many of our schools noted in the trial too that fiction books for primary age were well served on the iPad and inclued engaging interactive material but they would like to see non-fiction and fiction ebooks for secondary students to have that sort of interactivity as well via iBooks or similar on the iPad.