Tuesday, June 2, 2015

iLearn Anywhere - reflecting on our journey so far

Our students in the iLearn Anywhere project have had iPads in their hands for just on 12 months.  It was timely that we review and reflect on the progress of the project and it's impact on student learning.

As part of our review, the following video provides a snapshot of how the learning is developing for our iLearn Anywhere students and teachers.  It was heartening to see the skills and learning in the areas of literacy, numeracy and religious education in such a short time.  It was also exciting to see the enthusiasm of all involved with the project.

The following slides then give a more detailed overview of the project.

This presentation chronicles the development of the project; the pedagogy direction, the management, administrative and technical infrastructure setup, examples of student learning, the professional learning model and the project challenges.

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