Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Collegial Visit between St Joseph's Primary School, Schofields and Our Lady of the Angels, Rouse Hill

What a fantastic day we had visiting St Joseph’s Primary School, Schofields. It was an invaluable experience that we will take with us. It was good to realise that we are on the same track and that our students are moving towards redefinition in terms of their iPad use. It was wonderful opportunity to reaffirm that what is happening in each school is valuable and changing the learning of each child in each class involved in the iLearn program. 

We saw lots of wonderful samples of work showcasing their journey throughout the year. We found that students were using multiple apps to produce quality pieces of work. Through our journey we saw children using apps that demonstrated their strengths, children showing critical thinking when evaluating pieces of work and collaboration. It was great to have an ongoing dialogue with our colleagues. This opportunity allowed us to gain affirmation and to also exchange ideas that we could implement within the classroom. 

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