Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Utilising QR codes in learning

QR codes are being used more across the world and especially in learning.

There is a great opportunity for students to create and use QR codes on the iPad to extend learning across a range of curriculum subjects and specifically for demonstrating understanding of their own work or extending their understanding of a topic.

I particularly like the ideas in the following video which links the use of QR codes with digital storytelling to engage, inform and promote.   Have a look at 'Sukiennice "Secrets Behind Paintings"' :

Using QR codes in learning

Download our QR codes in Learning document (click on the image opposite) for an overview of QR codes and ideas to use them in learning

Download our QR Code Learning Quest document to look at a sample QR code hunt using clues to books to inform, orientate and engage users in locating and sourcing resources for their learning.

See how Parramatta Marist Br Ludovic Learning Centre is using QR codes.

Reading (Scanning) QR Codes
You will need a smartphone or tablet with a camera as well as a Qr reader App.
For basics we recommend QRset (free) but there are lots of others available.
However a better one is QRafter (free) as it will also check the QR code link for safety and will keep a list of the QR code links you have scanned, providing students a history of their scans.

Creating Qr codes

Use Safari on the iPad to get students to create QR codes for free via a QR code generator website like Kaywa.

QRafter Pro allows you to create and scan QR code.
But if your would like your students to get creative and colourful with the look of their QR codes try the QR Code Art App.

Use QR codes to get more out of your school staff meetings/professional learning
We recently held a staff meeting where instead of sitting down for hours to hear all the latest information, we armed people with iPads and a QR code quest.  With 10 questions to answer staff moved around the building in teams to find QR codes.  Upon scanning the codes with their iPads or smartphones, they were directed to information to read web based information or view videos on important information that all staff needed to know. Then we all met back at the meeting venue to share and feedback with a reward for the first team back with the correct answers.

For more about QR codes, how they are being used in  teaching and learning and other resources see Learning Exchanges QR codes for Learning.

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