Monday, August 20, 2012

Developing iPad learning workflows for best learning outcomes

Rethinking the approach to learning with an iPad was one of the key points that arose from our recent iPad study tour in Queensland.
Many of the schools talked about the development of 'Learning Workflows' where work is created in one app, then built on in another App and so on.
Using the iPad where many Apps are generally single function, requires a different approach to create useful learning outcomes that moves the integration of the iPad in learning from the Subsitution model to the Redefinition model. 

A very useful explanation with some practical examples of how to achieve a learning workflow in your classroom can be found in the following video by ELearning Laura based on work done at the Apple Teacher Institute 2012 in Cheltenham.

Read the full post with more details at:  Elearning Laura - Video iPad lesson workflows

Bounty Boulevard State School, one of the schools we toured, also had a very useful handout towards creating a 'Learning Workflow' available from their iPad portal. This handout provides a range of pathways for teachers to select Apps that can provide learning outcomes from understanding to reflection and then across that to move from less teacher centred workflows to more student centred learning.

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