Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick guide to using iPads for learning

Click on the image to download the pdf (11.5 MB - best quality for printing)
or Click here to download a compressed size version.


  1. Thanks for sharing these useful ideas

  2. This is fantastic! What are the tools used to display what's on the iPad directly on the screen? I am planning to do a presentation and would love to know how I can display/project content from the iPad to the screen/projector.

  3. Hi monika, in that photo we use an Apple tv box plugged into a HD tv. Using Apple TV box you can the wirelessly display from the iPad, and a Airplay menu option becomes visible on the iPad multitasking dock when you scroll all the way to the right. Select the option and you are very easily displaying your ipad wirelessly. We had a number of teachers at one of our workshops last night using it, The Apple TV box costs about $120. Good luck with the presentation. Feel free email me if you have any other questions.


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