Monday, October 10, 2011

iPads in learning

I recently attended the Australian School Libaries Conference (ASLA) and gave a presentation 'Exploring iPads in Teaching and Learning' (see presentation below).  It was interesting to see a good proportion of the delegates were using  iPads as their device of choice.

There was lots of discussion the use of mobile technologies in learning.  Some schools were looking at iPads as a 1 to 1 program, others looking at class sets, and yet others looking at a set that they could loan from the library.  Broader than that however, was how mobile technologies and online platforms and resources can and are being used to access, engage, learn and teach in today's spaces where our learners live, work and play.  Many of the digital resources or tools that were being looked at such as QR codes, Augmented Reality, Ebooks, Collaborative Textbooks etc integrate well with the iPad.

While not all session related to iPads, the presentations from the ASLA 2011 conference are worthwhile for anyone engaged in improving student learning in today's digital environment.  They are starting to go up on the official ASLA slideshare page with some presenters also personally adding their presentations via the tag ASLA2011 .  Greg Swanson who also has a very useful blog reviewing Apps in Education has a good roundup of the presenters and links from the conference at EdTech Toolbox.

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  1. Lisa, Congratulations...looks like a great presentation. Cheers Paul