Monday, September 5, 2011

New ebook Apps for Primary

That all time favourite nursery rhyme Winken, Blinken and Nod is reimagined in this quirky little App ($1.99).  The art work is very beautiful with a layered collage look.  This App can hear you speak the words and the words and animations follow as you speak the text.  This interactivity is an innovative idea for ebooks.  We found that there was a delay in the words being highlighted as you read which could be confusing for some children and in some cases it didn't pick up on your voice.  However you can tap the words for the story to continue.  It would have been good to have a Read aloud function too that read the story to the children.  However it is still a App that children would find it very engaging.

In Harold and the Purple Crayon children interact with story with the ability to  colour in Harolds drawing.   Lots of interaction and suprise elements to be found in the Touch Tale mode as well as a read to me and read aloud mode.  $7.49 at the App store.

Blue Hat, Green Hat is another favourite book that is available as an App ($1.99).  With simple repetitive words, focusing on the the 4 primary colours and clothing words it is a very colourful and engaging app suitable for early readers.  You can tap the animal characters to get them to do different things.  The fun comes with the poor turkey who is always wearing things the wrong way.  Children can use this app to reinforce common words and colours as well as learn independence about getting dressed.  On top of this they get to have fun seeing what the animals get up to when you tap them.  A thoroughly enjoyable book that will have everyone going Ooops!

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