Friday, July 8, 2011

Ebooks on iPads - second instalment

Yesterday we attended the Paul, Pearls and iPads workshop at the Childrens Bookshop, Beecroft organised by Julie Walter from Our Lady of the Rosary Primary, Kellyville. 50 teacher librarians discussed, among other other topics, the future of the book.

Paul MacDonald, educator and owner of the Children's Bookshop discussed the range of fantastic print books available, noting that "The Book is not Dead" and instead people are reading for pleasure across a range of media. With Apps like 'The Elements' enticing people to purchase the print version as well.

Kristen McLean, Publishing Perspectives also notes " the book is still highly valued, and that experimentation with digital content will actually expand the market for books". As humans we find something deeply satisfying in the reading of a physical book.... However this is the age of consumer choice, which means accommodating an infinitely variable range of customer behavior, which in turn means serving content in many ways to many people.

Reading in iPad Transmedia universe: five real-world issues notes " we need to expand the types of texts students are exposed to and engaged with at school by turning attention to electronic books, or e-books. Today's readers are immersed in multimodal experiences and, consequently, have a keen awareness of the possibility of combining modes and media to receive and communicate messages." This article has some good ideas on how to incorporate digital media such as ebook apps in reading.

It is hard to find a site devoted to reviewing ebook Apps, however a good site is Kirkus Reviews which have good reviews of the top childrens ebook apps.

Our presentation at the Pauls, Pearls and iPads workshop yesterday about iPad ebook Apps


  1. Hi,

    I attended the talk at the Children's Bookshop and desperately need to know what cable was used to connect the ipad to a projector. I can't find it!

  2. Hi Danielle
    The adaptor I used on the day is called 'Docke connector to VGA adaptor' was about $38 from JB Hifi. This connects to the vga connector of most data projectors. The other connector you can get is one called a Digial AV adaptor but this is for connection to HDMI cables only. suitable for connection where you are connecting to a TV screen vai a HDMI cable. Hope this helps.