Friday, April 8, 2011

Storage cases for multiple iPads

There are a number of storage cart options available for laptops/netbooks. However so far we haven't been able to locate any Australian companies doing carts for iPads. Elizabeth Richards is one supplier who provides laptop storage carts, but they don't have a specific iPad trolley cart yet.

However what if you just want a small case to move 6-10 ipads around school. Again there is nothing specially designed for iPads in Australia that we have been able to locate. In the UK Paratec has one on wheels with an extendable handle.
Alternatively maybe a storage case that is for netbooks or laptops where you could customise the foam to fit iPads instead would do. A few Australian sites that have a multiple laptop/netbook portable case who may be able to customise it for you are:

If anyone has suppliers or ideas for storage cases for iPads please add a comment to this post.

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  1. I have one in development, an iPad 6 Pack. Coming soon...Early July 2011.
    This unit will hold 6 iPads or any 6 mobile devices....
    Will be available on