Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning with iPad's at OLOL:

We have had a busy term learning with the iPad's in our Stage 3 learning environment. The students have thoroughly enjoyed exploring new ways to extend their learning and approach tasks. The children found the iPad's very easy to navigate as it is quite visual. Those that have difficulties with reading were able to find the App they wanted to use by clicking on the corresponding App's picture. Children learn by experiencing, and even those with no knowledge of how an iPod or iPad works were able to use them independently very quickly.

We feel the use of the iPad's are a very valuable motivational tool for the students' learning. We have had to create rosters to allow all 100 Stage 3 students time to use it in either Maths, English or Integrated studies. In these lessons we have observed the extensive opportunities the iPads have given to the students to allow them to explore different ways to express their learning. Students have been quite eager to ensure they have had their share of use with the iPad, with many choosing to use it when given free reward time in class.

On asking the children on why they feel the iPad’s are a valuable classroom-learning tool, many answered that it was a fun, different, entertaining and educational way to learn with a large variety of options that are easy to use. The children also felt it helped teach them the skill of sharing and interacting with others. We have thoroughly enjoyed using the iPad’s at OLOL and hope to continue to do so in the future.

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